The following businesses actively support the Monero Project in its goal to bring financial privacy to the world. We couldn't be more grateful for their contributions. If you would like to sponsor the Monero Project and be listed on this page, please send an email to [email protected]

Tari Labs logo

Tari Labs sponsors the CDN used by this website.

Majestic Bank logo

MajesticBank sponsors the hosting used by this website.

Fork Networking logo

Fork Networking provides a server which is used for development.

Macstadium logo

MacStadium sponsors a dedicated Mac Mini that is used for Mac-related development.

Cake Wallet logo

Cake Wallet sponsors the "tools" server with the mailing list, GitLab, Matrix, Taiga, and Weblate.

Symas logo

Symas sponsors its CTO Howard Chu (hyc) for his work on the Monero codebase.