We're developing a suite of play-to-earn games.

War has broken out across the land. Rebels have assembled to take over citadels all over the Kingdom of Buntu. Fight Tyranny! Fight for your freedom! Take back the land and claim victory! Together we fight!

Buntu Siege

Buntu Siege is a text and image Discord based medieval role-playing game and our first play-to-earn application. You can fight, level up, and gain experience. Best of all, you can use and win real BNTU. The game features in-game purchases using BNTU. Players can also fight to win BNTU to withdraw to their wallets or exchanges.

Join our Discord to play! Be sure to register a wallet in order to earn and spend BNTU playing Buntu Siege. While there, get to know our growing community. You can even send BNTU to your friends right within Discord!